In addition to the attractive features within the community, Evergreen is conveniently located near:

Elementary Schools

  • St. Peter School
  • Dundonald School (transportation provided)
  • Caroline Robins School

High Schools

  • Mount Royal Collegiate
  • E.D. Feehan High School
  • Bethlehem Catholic High School
  • Tommy Douglas Collegiate


  • Confederation Park Mall
  • Confederation Park Suburban Centre
  • 22nd Street Arterial Commercial District
  • 33rd Street Arterial Commercial District
  • Blairmore Suburban Centre


  • Hampton village Neighbourhood Park Cosmo Civic Centre & Ice Arena
  • Al Anderson Park                      
  • Anita Langford Park
  • Draggins Car Club Park          
  • Rik Steernberg Park
  • Dundonald Park
  • Princess Diana Multi-District Park
  • Dr. Seager Wheeler Park - Westview


Carlyle King Public Library - Cosmo Civic Centre
Mayfair Public Library

Transit Routes

Route 23 and Route 1